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Holiday Art Dump!

Fanart Post
Artist: fablespinner
Genre: Holiday Themed Soft Yaoi
(It's been a long time since I posted. O_o I've had art block. Insomnia the past week took care of that...)
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Norway GOD JUL
 by =fablespinner on deviantART

Saucy Santa
 by =fablespinner on deviantART

GerIta Christmas Mistletoe
 by =fablespinner on deviantART

Christmas Libations
 by =fablespinner on deviantART

Festive Eesti
 by =fablespinner on deviantART

Nederland x Norge
 by =fablespinner on deviantART

Age of Vikings - DenNor
 by =fablespinner on deviantART

Merry FrUking Christmas
 by =fablespinner on deviantART

Happy Saturnalia
 by =fablespinner on deviantART

Tres classy
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Otakon meetup?

I'm sure somewhere there might be something else written up about a meetup, (haven't seen anything though) but I figured I'd try here too.

Is anyone here going to Otakon, and if so, is anyone interested in a meetup?

There's the giant Hetalia thing on Friday, as well as the UN panel. I'll be attending both, but it'd be nice to meet other fans closer to my age. :D I'll be dressed as fem!Norway and France.
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Invitation to Private Gakuen Hetalia RPG

I thought I'd ask a much smaller group of people  since I want to keep this organized. Also all the other players are 25 and older too.

The RPG takes place on Livejournal gakuenhetalia  so you will be required to create an LJ for your hetalia character to post in and from.

(This is a PRIVATE and closed community, so you really won't be able to see much of anything until you are accepted and your character Livejournal is created. You can however  read the community profile page for game play information.)

It is Alternate Universe and takes place at Hetalia Academy
(Gauken Hetalia-verse) and I am your resident GM (Grandpa Rome, he's the Dean of the Academy) and there are simple rules posted on the LJ community on how to play. It's BASIC and SIMPLE.

We have a LOT of Characters left and available to play.

The Characters already claimed:

Grandpa Rome - GM/Dean marcus_roma 

Sweden berwaldsverige 
France viva_la_francis 
Finland tino_suomi 
Denmark mathias_danmark 
Norway siguard_norge 
N. Italy useless_italy 
S. Italy flying_tomatoes 
Canada quietcanada 
Germany herrludwigd 
Russia ivanbraginskida  
Austria von_edelstein 
England mythicalengland 
Poland totally_polski 
-------------------- (Feel free to browse these journals to see the play already in progress) ---------------

EVERYONE ELSE is available. Yes, Alfred is up for grabs believe it or not. (Personally the GM really hopes a FELIKS wants to play. I love me some good cross dressing Poland Crack! We need a head cheerleader stat damn it!) 

If you are interested please reply to THIS JOURNAL with what character you would like to play and give me a sample blog entry. It does not have to be a novel. Just give me an example of your role playing.

The blog entry topic is:

You are a student heading back to school after summer vacation.

So make a post using that as your prompt, what did you do over summer vacation? How do you feel about coming back to school? What grade are you in? etc...

The best Post for the character gets it. You may apply for multiple characters but three is the limit you may play. (Please reply separately with multiple Auditions. One Each per try-out) And I am really not picky the firs really good submission I get will be accepted. I'm easy to please if you are eager to play!

Please do not try out for a character if you have no intention of checking in at least once a day to the community board/Your Character's LJ Friend page, we want active players who can devote a bare minimum of 15 to 30 minutes a day playing. (Or less if you type replies fast. ;) ) So long as you check in at least once a day that will make the other players happy.

(Please note if you choose to play an "ancient" character like Germania you are automatically a teacher and not a student so form your tryout accordingly with this in mind.)
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Times fandom makes you feel 'old'

Ever had one of those moments in the fandom where you just feel so much older than everyone else (or rather, that everyone else is awful young? XD)

It always makes me go O_o at the reviews/comments for 9/11 related fics when people comment that they were too young at the time to remember it.

There was one time, for a fic of mine, a reviewer said she couldn't take the villain seriously because he had the same name as some character on some Disney tween show I'd only sorta heard of before. I told her this, and she could NOT believe I'd never seen this show before!! I'm just thinking "I am literally twice your age. There's probably a lot of shows we don't have in common..." XD

Don't even get me started on the 15-year-olds reviewing my mature-rated fics. That in and of itself kinda freaks me out.

Anyone else have stories to share?
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CHARACTERS: Lithuania and Poland
WARNINGS: None, it's kids again...
SUMMARY: A little sketchier than the others in the "Little Sweethearts" series, but I only spent an hour on this one. Most of that time eyeballing Lithuania's official crest on Toris' t-shirt. I had no idea it was a knight until after I'd already drawn Liet playing knights and ponies with Feliks.

Nice coincidence.

Yes, Feliks is dressed like his My lil Pony Snow White Princess. Cause well He started cross-dressing early.

I love these two. You know Poland was a HANDFUL as a kid! Poor Toris was probably always getting in trouble just by association.

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[FANART] Long Time Valentine's (SuFin)

TITLE: Long Time Valentine's
WARNINGS: Guys in Underwear being DORKY
SUMMARY: Only Couples really *COMFORTABLE* with each other would dare wear those outfits in each other's company. You just know those two like to "play" behind closed doors.

Here's Berwald and Tino being loveably DORKY for Valentine's Day. Because they are my OTP and I loveses them preciousssssses.

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[FANART] Little Sweethearts (SuFin)

TITLE: Little Sweethearts
PAIRING: Sweden x Finland
WARNING: None, More Kid Stuff
RATING: G to inifinity
SUMMARY: I wanted to do more kids and Here's my OTP. I thought I might sketch up a little series of "Young Sweethearts" in honor of valentine's day.

Here's SuFin being cute with puppy Hanatamago.
(We all know Tino grows up to be a great sniper, he had to start with a slingshot naturally, LOL!)

Comments are always gratefully appreciated.

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